The CEO Ride | How to get back on track if your business is missing goals mid-year
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How to get back on track if your business is missing goals mid-year

08 May How to get back on track if your business is missing goals mid-year

I have a client who is missing her goals big, so we scheduled a meeting to work up a plan to get back on track. Hours before our meeting, I received an email saying an emergency came up that needs attention and we therefore need to re-schedule.

On the surface, having to move the meeting a few days is not a big thing — but let’s face it, folks, both success and failure are the culmination of the little things that are either done or not. And when they’re not done, they put you in a negative spiral that controls you rather than you controlling it.

It begins so harmlessly. “Ah, that call can wait until tomorrow,” or “I’ll get around to that meeting next week,” and then one day, a month or two later you turn around and that call still hasn’t happened nor has the meeting.

Goals aren’t missed in one fell swoop; instead success is slowly eroded day by day by the acids called inactivity and rationalization. In other words, we rationalize our inactivity by patting ourselves on the back for being so busy with the crazy day-to-day.

Every loser I know has a reason for not hitting his goals, and as you’ve read in this blog before, business is the biggest, baddest win/lose game there is. There is NO second place because only one person cashes the check – the winner.

So if you expect to cash those checks, expect to do the damned work. No matter how trivial the task may seem now, it’s not so trivial when goals are missed and cash becomes tight.

So if you find yourself in a hole and need to dig out, here are a few tips:

  • Review the plan – If you stopped to plan out your year (and I hope you have), pull the damn thing out of the desk drawer and look at it. Remind yourself of the promises made to growing the company and get back on track.
  • The power of three – Work the tasks listed in the plan by not leaving the office until you’ve checked off three items that will move the organization forward in the future, not simply clear off the detritus of today. This can be something as small as sending out a meeting request or returning that long forgotten phone call.
  • Do something, even if it’s wrong – Activity begets activity. Stop waiting for the perfect time or wordsmithing the perfect email. Just do something and set the wheels in motion. From there you can make the necessary adjustments.
  • Stop living in the moment and start projecting into the future – Just because something can be put off until tomorrow doesn’t mean it should. Remember, it’s always today, so take action and make sure when your next today comes, that “future activity” is now in the queue to happen TODAY.
  • Accountability – Hold a weekly or monthly team meeting (depending on how deep the hole is) and check to see if you’ve won or lost that round. Look into the mirror of accomplishment and admit to your team—and more importantly yourself—that you’re doing the work. Your progress or lack thereof answers that question every time.

Getting back on track is a process that takes discipline and attention. It’s pretty simple; in order to get paid, you must first pay attention.

As always – These are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to add to it, please do so. I look forward to the conversation.

Dwain – CEO Rider

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