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“I’d rather ride my motorcycle thinking about business

than sit in a conference room thinking about my motorcycle”

I’m not your Granddaddy’s business advisor. During my over 30 years in both the boardroom and the saddle I’ve been there and done more than a few things – coached some of the greatest CEOs of their generation, authored The Biker’s Guide to Business and launched The CEO Ride sharing the road with some very cool people.


Bob Parsons, Founder Go-Daddy

Bob LaPointe, former President, Inc. Magazine

















With a client list covering the spectrum of business from small enterprises to major universities and corporations, including the Fortune 100, the companies I work with don’t just grow – they dominate!

But there’s a bit more to that journey as stuff got real a few years back when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and forced to spend a major part of that year surviving it. This wake-up call turned my world upside down, spun me around, questioned my manhood and forced me to re-think my life and business. 

Vividly remembering the taste of dirt in my mouth from that face plant drives me and makes The CEO Ride a transformative experience for those who participate. 


G. Mears, CEO


Based in Central Florida, I enjoy riding every month of the year and have toured many parts of the country – both solo and with groups. After all the miles traveled, the appeal of motorcycling remains as strong to me today as it was at the age of 16, when first throwing my leg over that Honda 100 and I look forward to riding with you!

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