About the rides

About the Rides

The CEO Ride is a business experience like no other and the reason to ride is right in our mission statement—we’d rather ride our motorcycles thinking about business, than sit in a conference room thinking about our motorcycles.

The ride offers a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience with bucket-list destinations and the chance to form new lifelong friendships with fellow business executives.


The age of conferences with someone talking at you is over. Your fellow riders are going to be talking to you and talking you through the issues you’re having with your business—because they’ve been there.

We ride together, we share meals, we talk—and over the three or four days, we become closer than some groups do in months. With the CEO Ride, you gain a group of like-minded individuals you actually want to belong to.
So who is the CEO Ride for? It’s for any successful entrepreneur who is ready to open up in a confidential, collegial environment to network, combine talents to solve problems, refine goals and develop breakthrough ideas.

What to expect

Before the ride, you’ll get your personal bio form and a welcome call from Dwain along with access to fellow riders’ bio and company information to jumpstart your knowledge of one another.

The beginning of our ride starts at the Eagle Rider station to pack our bikes and saddle up to head to our hotel/resort location. The first evening together will be an overview of the workshops, and we will have time to set the expectations and outline your participation in this innovative process.

Every morning for the rest of the trip, we will meet for a morning workshop after breakfast where Dwain will serve as a coach, teacher, guide and devil’s advocate as you team up with other like-minded business leaders to share your experiences and explore new ways to achieve growth and profitability.

Then comes the best part—the rides. Each day we will set out on a new adventure. Whether in the mountains of North Carolina or on the pavement of Bourbon Street, our pack will enjoy some of the best riding in the world with magnificent scenery at every bend.


While we ride, the thoughts will be popping right along with the V-Twin. Riding charges our brains with an even hotter spark, and getting away from the day-to-day of the office allows us to see the picture—for ourselves and our fellow riders—with clarity.

At the end of each day following dinner, we will join together to enjoy our favorite libations and deepen our connections. Together we will share in great memories and great conversation.

After the ride, those connections continue. Your fellow riders will become some of your most trusted peers, sharing everything from jokes to serious business advice.
Sound like you? Join our pack!