Corona by any other name: What the pandemic means for your business

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Corona by any other name: What the pandemic means for your business

Read any social post or chime into any conversation about the coronavirus and you’ll get opinions that range from “It’s the end of the world as we know it” to “It’s a conspiracy and our political leaders are all idiots”.

I’ll confess that my opinion slides somewhere between the two, and whatever your opinion is, that’s OK. Just understand that it’s probably only a partial reality, as none of us knows how this will unfold.

What we do know is the impact it’s having on our formerly robust economy that lasted too many years for some and not enough for the rest of us. But really, if it wasn’t this virus, it would have been something else…the coronavirus just happened to be the next thing.

Therefore, we can continue to rail against our politicians, bury our heads deeper into the sand or do what every entrepreneur worth their salt is doing right now — facing this new reality.

I can’t sit here behind this keyboard and tell you how to deal with it, as that’s your business. What I do know is once we’ve stripped away false hope and dropped the denial concerning this issue, we’ll come to realize it’s just that…another issue. And, if there’s one thing entrepreneurs are good at, it’s dealing with issues.

As always, we must remember in our positions of leadership a “whisper becomes a shout” and to always remain positive. We assuage fear by focusing on those things we can control and preparing for those we cannot. Now more than ever, communicate, communicate, communicate with your team and your customers.

And please trust there are thousands of very smart people tackling this problem who are making decisions with the information currently at hand. We may not agree with how it affects us, but that’s the way things roll sometimes.

So, let go of the anger and/or denial and do what you do best…solve things. If everybody does that, then we’ll all be OK.

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