Embrace The Grind

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Embrace The Grind

“The Key to Success isn’t recognizing opportunity, instead recognizing those opportunities we elect NOT to chase.” – Unknown

One of our greatest strengths as entrepreneurs is often times our greatest weakness – the vision to see the whole playing field and as such all of the ‘opportunities’ associated with it. So we need to be careful because by our very nature, we abhor boredom and avoid it like the plague. But what is routine if not inevitably boring?

Those who know me have heard me say many times that anyone can tell you where they are today and most can tell you where it is they want to go in the future, but few can also tell you what makes up the in-between. And fewer still have the ability to also embrace it. That’s because the in-between is about the day-in and day-out grind where we seemingly do the same things to little result.

We don’t always see it because we’re in it, but the momentum is there and very real. The progress, albeit slow at times, is always progress and yes, we’d love to find a quicker, easier way to the goal but there’s no such thing. The business gods won’t allow it, our competitors won’t allow it.

In order to succeed we need to pay constant attention to our path, no matter the difficulties because that’s where the lessons are. That’s when the dues are collected in order to open the next gate and the one after that and the one after that. The day we veer from this path is the day those gates close to us.

So when the path is roughest remember what one of my most successful clients said one day…“Damn, it took me seven years to become an overnight success.”

Don’t just embrace it, savor it,

Dwain – The Biker Guy

As always – These are my thoughts and I look forward to yours.  So, if you disagree or simply want to pile on, please do. I look forward to hearing from you.

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