Giving Thanks: What I’m thankful for this year in life and business

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Giving Thanks: What I’m thankful for this year in life and business

By the time you read this Thanksgiving blog, I’ll either be on a ride or have ridden. That’s the beauty of living in Florida this time of year, as I get to exercise one of my greatest passions – motorcycling – on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s perfect weather and there’s usually no one on the road, making it the first thing on my list of what I’m thankful for.

And on that theme of reflecting on what I’m most thankful for in business, here’s the rest of the list:

My loyal client base For over 25 years I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in business. Sure, they’re “small” according to most standards and don’t get the press they deserve, but each of these entrepreneurs wakes up every day to do the work. They build strong businesses that take care of their customers, employees, and families. They build companies they’re proud to run, employees are proud to work for and I am most proud to associate with and assist in some small way.

The CEO Ride – What started out as a pipe dream fueled by the fear associated with beating cancer is now an annual event looked forward to by entrepreneurs across the globe, and more importantly, me. That’s because I get to help connect great innovators, large and small, through our love of business and motorcycling. The great lessons and innovative ideas shared during our week together fuels their growth while checking off one bucket list ride after another. It’s hands-down one of the creations I’m most proud of.

My ride partners – Not what you’d call a “group rider,” I get just as much pleasure riding solo as I do riding with 2 or 3 friends. In fact, the largest group I ride with these days are the 6-10 who attend the various CEO Rides. That’s because to me, riding is about the experience as are the conversations that come at the rest stops. Not everyone I ride with is running a business, but we all have a unique conversation centered on Life Its Ownself (#Dan Jenkins). And that’s why we ride.

Dwain – The Biker Guy

To be sure there’s more to list. What’s on yours? I look forward to hearing from you.

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