How to react to a test of your company culture

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How to react to a test of your company culture

In order for organizations to evolve we must sometimes introduce foreign objects into our culture, i.e. new hires to create departments now needed for growth and/or consultants.

And where these agents of change are agreed upon by the current leadership and initially accepted, their mere presence and efforts eventually begin to chafe. They question status quo, drive unrealistic (perceived) timelines and challenge talent issues heretofore accepted by the “old guard.”

This is completely normal and confirms the age old, overused saying about having to break eggs in order to make an omelet. When you reach this juncture, worry less about this necessary phase within the process and more about how your culture reacts, as one of two things will happen.

A weak culture will crack and disintegrate under the pressure while a healthy one will circle the wagons and fight back, protecting those who belong while seizing the opportunity to purge those who do not.

Whatever you do during this process, don’t freak out along with most of your team. Instead, take comfort in knowing your team is simply experiencing a learning curve, evolving right along with the company into something wiser, more experienced and stronger.

And smile, because your competition is in serious trouble going forward.

Dwain – CEO Rider 

As always  These are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to add to it, please do so. I look forward to the conversation.

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