It’s the New Year. Do you know where your life is going?

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It’s the New Year. Do you know where your life is going?

This is the time of year when stock is taken and resolutions are made. We’re closing one chapter and opening a fresh one with nothing written between the borders yet. We fool ourselves into believing that all things are possible, so we set marvelous goals – promising that we’ll lose the weight, accomplish everything and achieve that longed-for excellence.

All wonderful, all made with the best of intentions—and all bullshit.  You know it, and I know it.

To see the wannabes of this world, go no farther than your local gym this time of year to see those resolutions in full display, huffing, puffing and totally committed to getting into fighting shape. Until they aren’t.

Where are you going in the New Year?

Instead of setting lofty goals, how about doing yourself a favor and grabbing a good old-fashioned dose of reality? How about asking yourself the tough questions about last year and honestly answering them?

  • What was your biggest screw up last year? You know, the one that cost you the most money or killed your momentum.
  • What was your biggest miss of last year? You know, the one that had you gotten it right, everything would be rosy right now and you wouldn’t be sitting here wondering what the hell happened.
  • Who do you need to jettison from your life this year? You know, the individual(s) that divert your focus and/or drag you down. The one(s) whose understanding and approval you desperately want but never receive.
  • What bad habits do you need to stop this year? You know, the ones that again divert your focus, waste your time and get you nowhere.
  • What are you willing to give up in order to gain something new? We’re finite beings with finite capabilities, meaning in order to take on one new thing, we need to remove one.

We’re entrepreneurs, dammit. We live in a reality most cannot comprehend, lifting weights most will not even attempt. We make shit happen day in and day out—the only question is what and how much.

So, the only way to successfully accomplish all those things is to face the reality of our own shortcomings, accept them, deal with them and then move on. To understand not what we want to be but what really can be.

To have the balls to look ourselves in the mirror and really see…then, and only then, can we go out and kick some ass in 2019. 

As always  These are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to add to it, please do so. I look forward to the conversation.

Dwain – CEO Rider 

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