Calendar of Rides

We have multiple rides planned in 2024. Please keep in-touch by this website or join our mailing list on the right side for updates on future rides.

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California Wine Country​ Tour
September 8th-13th, 2024


We start our ride rolling across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The 2+ hour ride takes us along the stunning coast, offering breathtaking views as we make our way into the heart of Wine Country.

This scenic route is the perfect introduction to the natural beauty and serene landscapes we’ll explore throughout our journey.

As always, we accomplish three things during our time together.

  • We’ll dig deep into our businesses ensuring each other’s success.
  • We’ll ride iconic roads exploring all the Canyons have to offer.
  • And enjoy the lifelong friendships we’ve forged over the years.


Price: $4,395/Ride your own $3,995


  • Meeting space for business strategy sessions
  • 5 Nights Hotel Accommodations (Sunday through Thursday)
  • Opening Night Cocktails
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Fuel
  • VIP Zero Insurance (Including Theft & Damage Waiver)
  • VIP Wine Tour

Terms & Conditions

Sunday 9/8:

Pick up the bikes at Eaglerider

We pick up our bikes upon arrival and roll across the Golden Gate Bridge on our 2+ hour ride along the coast and into the Wine Country.

Hotel: Flamingo Resort/Hotel

Arrival Date: 9/8/2024

Departure Date: 9/9/2024

Cut-off Date: 8/8/2024

Day One:

Monday 9/9: Coastal Ride

We’ll head north to Stewarts Point, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. This ride is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Day Two:

Tuesday 9/10: St. Helena through Napa

Another great day of riding through this beautiful scenic area. We will ride from Flamingo Resort, to St. Helena and Napa, CA.

Day Three: VIP Winery Tour 

Wednesday 10/11: Sonoma and Napa Valley!

We’ll take a break from the bikes mid-week and enjoy ‘Wind Down Wednesday’ by climbing into a luxury van provided by Silver Service Tours. Visit a few wineries without having to worry about riding or driving.

Day Four:

Thursday 9/12: Arena Point!

Day 3 starts with an extraordinary ride north to Point Arena. I think this will be another experience of a lifetime.

Day Five:

Friday 9/13:  San Francisco EagleRider

This morning we finish up and head to EagleRider in San Francisco, rolling back across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The exact route will be decided during our weeks exploration as we all leave at different times and may want to explore on our own a bit before catching that flight home.