North Carolina/Tail of the Dragon


May 4 – 8, 2020

check the tail of the dragon off your bucket list.



This is a favorite ride for us at The CEO Ride, not to mention a bucket-list experience for riders everywhere. You’ll get to work on your business and experience some of the best scenery there is.

After arriving at Eagle Rider on day one, we’ll kick things off with a breathtaking ride through the Nantahala Forest at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After, we’ll settle into our cabins and continue clearing our heads with the mountain air, preparing for the next day.

Day two will kick off with our first powerful business session and private breakfast, followed by an equally thought-provoking ride on the Tail itself. The ride is full of curves and switchbacks, no intersections, businesses or houses…only pavement and excitement! We’ll arrive back at home base for dinner and conversations with our favorite libations.

On day three, after our business sessions, we will tackle more biker favorites, the Cherohala Skyway and Hellbender 28. The night will entail a great dinner, hand-rolled cigars, top-shelf alcohol and great stories.

Day four is the getaway day and our ride back to the Eagle Rider station, which is just as exciting as the previous rides. The trip of a lifetime may be coming to an end, but we will enjoy more incredible scenery on our way back.