How to Stop Fighting the Grind

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How to Stop Fighting the Grind

Building a successful business is hard, but we know that and welcome the challenge. Funny, but it’s not the competition that gets to us or the unknown as we create something new. Instead it’s the grind, the daily routine of solving problems, having conversations when we aren’t interested and having to correct behavior like a third-grade teacher during recess.

So what are we to do?

I was in the audience one day when the pioneer business guru Tom Peters said that if we as leaders do not take at least 30 days off a year we’re doing our business a disservice. At the time I thought it both ridiculous and impossible. After all, my business NEEDS me to “be there” and I can’t when taking 30 days off a year.

But counter intuitive as that sounds, it’s also spot on because when we begin fighting the grind, we’re no longer truly “there”. One thing my CEO Rides have taught me over the years is the importance of allowing our brains to pause in order to focus on the world around us in a way that affords us a new perspective on the grind.

Then, if we’ve truly gone away and shifted our thinking, we return not to the old grind but to a routine that comforts us and reminds us of just how lucky we are to be there. We appreciate the conversations and look forward to solving the problems, no matter the size, because we’ve remembered that’s why we’re there. It’s what leadership is all about.

Therefore, when your fuse gets too short and you begin to avoid problems and/or people, it’s time. Time to step out of the cycle a while, however you wish, and change your perspective.

We bikers know it takes burning through a full tank before our heads start to clear.

Dwain – CEO Rider 

As always  These are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to add to it, please do so. I look forward to the conversation.

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