The Challenges of Entrepreneurship in Today’s Economy

Published | Mar 24, 2023

It appears that as a whole, we’ve adjusted mentally to the current economic situation and fear is slowly being replaced with disappointment and resentment. Also, there’s a bit of 20/20 hindsight by the more mature business crowd wishing they’d have made this move or that while the younger crowd is more resentful for the older generation ‘blowing it’ thereby making it difficult for them to get started.

There are many qualified individuals out there, no matter the generation, underemployed, now working at restaurants waiting on those fortunate enough not to be affected by the downturn. Its frustrating on all fronts and people are looking for answers.

So the buzzword of the day is ‘Entrepreneurship’ and how it’s time to rise up and take control of your future, but the question is how? During podcast interviews for my CEO Ride and book, I’m often asked what advice I give to entrepreneurs, new and old, now that times are tough. The advice I give is no different today than it was 5 years ago when the economy was rocking.

Success is a process…find yours, stay true to it and you’ll make it.

Sure, in some cases it’s a matter of timing, but the fact is that there’s no perfect time to be in or enter the great game of business. I know because in a lot of ways, I’m doing both. I’m currently in my 60’s and my nearly 3 decades old consulting business is fine even with some negative effects of the economy. But, I’m also in the very early stages of launching a new venture.

Good timing…bad timing…who the hell knows. The only thing I’m sure of is that the time is now and in order to be successful I simply have to figure out the playing field. The crazy thing is that both ventures evoke similar emotions as I’m faced with the same obstacles and experience the same fears and frustrations in each, but from different perspectives. One is looking down the mountain and the other is looking up.

The key is going to be my ability to maintain 20/20 vision on each and I’ll let you know in subsequent blogs how I’m doing.

Dwain – The BusinessBiker

As always – These are just my thoughts, I could be wrong.  So, if you disagree or simply want to pile on, please do so either here on the BLOG or email me directly at  I look forward to hearing from you.