There's Always Next Year

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There's Always Next Year

Yes, there’s still December to go through, but by now most year-end results are in motion and unfolding. So, it’s time to begin thinking about the New Year—and here are a few questions to ponder that will help you to hone in on another successful 12 months:

  • What was your greatest success this year? An entrepreneur’s mindset is to first look at what went wrong this past year or what didn’t quite work, but we need to break that. A successful year is always based on triumphs, so list each and every one of them, regardless of size.

  • Who were your superstars? Easily recognizable, but the real point is how to duplicate them and build that much-needed bench strength.

  • Who shows the most promise? Goes with the previous question, so take time to figure out how to take them to the next level in order to build out that bench.

  • What did you establish this year that will carry into the new one? It may be something small and on the surface, insignificant. But as the great Peter Drucker once wrote, “Size does not equal significance”—meaning that a discovered tactic or process, with the right care and feeding, may turn into a great success sometime in the future. 

  • What new thing do you want to implement next year? There are always new things up your sleeves, so pull them out and see which ones enhance the growth path of the company.

  • What were your most important learning experiences? OK, here’s where you think of all those things that didn’t work. Remember, there are no failures in life, just tuition paid on some seriously difficult lessons. Take the time to learn them.

  • Last but not least, the New Year will be a success if…? Answer that question to identify your ultimate goals, and then put a plan into place to make it happen.

These are just a few questions, and I’m sure there are more out there. What do you ask yourself in preparation for the New Year?

Dwain – The Biker Guy

As always – These are my thoughts and I look forward to yours.  So, if you disagree or simply want to pile on, please do. I look forward to hearing from you.

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