Top Myths about The CEO Ride

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Top Myths about The CEO Ride

Have you been interested in The CEO Ride, but weren’t sure if you fit the bill? Whether it’s “CEO” or “rider” or both that’re holding you back, there’s good news—our pack provides value for many people in the business world, regardless of station or riding skill.  

I decided to dig into some of the top myths I hear about the ride to set the record straight. Read more below.


“I have to be a great motorcycle rider to attend.”

All levels are welcome, as we have had riders who’ve just learned or those whose only ride is once a year with us. Your skill level isn’t as important as your love of the open road.

Where we have experienced ride leaders, none of us are professional riders. If you’ve a valid motorcycle license, you’re qualified to ride as all routes are chosen for safety (and of course scenery). Highways are taken only when absolutely necessary, and we never rush. In other words, we all ride our own rides.


“I won’t fit in— my company isn’t big enough for me to be considered a true CEO.”

I struggled with what to call the conference, eventually deciding that CEO captures the essence of who we are as founders, next generation, owners, entrepreneurs, partners and most of all – leaders.

The great Peter Drucker once wrote that, “size doesn’t equal significance”, therefore the size of your company doesn’t really matter. What is most important is your passion for business and riding. And, that you possess an intense desire to improve both your company and yourself as leader. Our other requirements are simple – that you participate and become our friend. Everything falls into place after that.


“The CEO Ride is more motorcycle tour than real business conference.”

Actually, The CEO Ride is designed first and foremost to be a business conference. It’s based on my proven Navigation Process honed from over 20 years leading peer-to-peer workshops and has led to tremendous business breakthroughs for those who’ve participated.

What makes The CEO Ride unique is the immersive nature of the conference. Normal peer-to-peer groups meet one day a month and then separate. Here, we stay together for five days, allowing ideas to simmer and conversations to continue long after the presentations are over.

And it doesn’t stop there as our communication and teamwork continues via group chat sessions when necessary throughout the year.

To be part of our pack, you need two things: a passion for business and entrepreneurship and a love of the open road. Now that we’ve cleared things up, there’s really only one question left. Are you ready to ride?

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