What to do when you just need a break

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What to do when you just need a break

Don’t know about you but the summertime doldrums has me by the ass and I just can’t shake them. You know the signs; sit at your desk getting nothing done. No way in hell you’re going to be productive and simply want to be someplace, anyplace else but here. And, for all intents and purposes you can’t…you’re just stuck.

So what to do???

The short answer is to get the hell out of your office and find a change of scenery. If you’ve no major travel plans in the next day or so do yourself a favor and just walk out. And here are a few suggestions when you do:

  • Go visit that client you’ve not seen in a while. It will re-center you.
  • Look at your To Do List and pick out those little things you’ve been putting off forever and go do them – outside.
  • Go to one of your Happy Places and just ‘be’. If you don’t have a Happy Place, go out and find one.
  • Or, like me on this hot summer’s day, hop on your motorcycle and ride to that Happy Place, order a nice beer to go with your favorite cigar (Robaina) and write a blog about being in the shit.

Because as hard as you try, sometimes that’s all you got.

Dwain – CEO Rider 

As alwaysThese are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to add to it, please do so. I look forward to the conversation.

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